Mogadishu Maths

In the course of one of her typically bilious rants today, Ann Coulter referred to one of leftist academia's most stupid comments of recent years, the 'million Mogadishus' comment made by Nicholas DeGenova of Columbia University in 2003.
It brought back to my mind a thought which occurred to me the first time I read it - is Nicholas DeGenova a white supremacist?
The theory lies in the arithmetic. In October 1993, 18 US service personnel lost their lives in Mogadishu, Somalia. Over 1,000 Somalis died - a 'kill ratio' in favour of the USA in excess of 20 to one.
While those men's deaths were tragic, probably unnecessary and a direct result of Clintonian 'mission creep', if there were to be a 'million Mogadishus', then, although 18 million Americans would die, there would be over a billion dead Africans.
Is that guy a racist or what?


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