Monsieur le President, Georges W. Bouche

The time has come to ask- in whose interests does George W. Bush govern America?

Does he hate ordinary Americans with a greater passion than any other president before him?

Is he in fact, to deploy what seems to be the WMD of all insults in the modern American canon - French? (The insult, Georges W. Bouche, is not original - I wish it were).

He seems utterly disinterested in the standard of living enjoyed by the lower-middle and working classes, the income groups most directly affected by the mass illegal immigration he refuses to stop and its negative effects on wages and job opportunities.

He seems utterly disinterested in the future prospects of young college graduates, who, after years of emotional and financial investment in their educations, find themselves at an automatic hiring disadvantage when up against an immigrant with an H-1B visa.

He doesn't seem interested at all in the fact that as professions, anything that might remotely be called engineering is disappearing from the American employment landscape, and that (according to Paul Craig Roberts) enrolment in engineering courses is at an all-time low.

Who would build the Brooklyn Bridge in the America of Monsieur le President Bouche?

He doesn't seem interested in the fact that corporate America's successful pursuit of the outsourcing agenda has removed any incentive for the study of science by its outsourcing of their R & D functions overseas, along with at least 17% of the USA's manufacturing jobs since 2000.

Who would develop the microchip? The LED? The Stealth bomber?

Now, according to Larry Kudlow, Big Money's most vocal and reliable mouthpiece, he has appointed Chris Cox as Chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission - and a likely consequence is that the cost to Americans of borrowing capital to start their own businesses, to get independent and achieve what we foreign folks think of as 'the American dream', is going to rise, because the president wishes to facilitate the immigration of foreign corporations who will compete on the same terms as Americans for access to the same capital.

And the lovers of the markets, like Kudlow, Bartlett, Barone and Frum, will all say that this is good for America.

I just can't see it myself.

Bellowing Larry's money quote:

"He is also likely to make it easier for foreign-domiciled businesses to register in the U.S."

Why? For what reason? Isn't the mass immigration of people who use services funded by forfeit bad enough, without importing corporations which can then claim subsidies funded by forfeit while competing for capital resources on equal terms with Americans?

Like I said, I wonder if Georges W. Bouche hates les Yankees.

Vive le President!


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