(Tell Me Why?) I Don't Like Rock Stars

Being the son of a retired primary school headteacher (grade school principal), I always get a little twitchy at the sight of Sir Bob Geldof.

Geldof, the foulmouthed anti-poverty campaigner turned advocate for the rights of divorcing fathers, would be a good study for Steve Sailer - he's an Irishman of Belgian extraction. However, given that Blair has really dumped Scotland into the frying pan by hosting G8 at Gleneagles in July, Sir Bob has tossed us into the fire by calling for a million people to march on Edinburgh.

The resident population of the windy city is a standing 500,000. Every year, that doubles during the festival. If any British city can cope with the planned influx of a large number of people, it's Edinburgh - but trebling it to accommodate the massed ranks of the pitted and the pierced of the anti-globalisation movement is stretching it too far. The impact on services, even the most widespread services such as the sewage system, would be too great.

Geldof's Scottish cohort Midge Ure has since been dispatched to clear up Geldof's mess, which he has tried to do by saying 'It's purely symbolic, it's just Bob being Bob'.

Well, Bobs will be Bobs. On Monday January 22 1979, a 16 year old female named Brenda Spencer opened fire on Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Ca., with a .22 calibre rifle, from her home across the street. She murdered school principal Burton Wragg, 53, as he tried to rescue children in Spencer's line of fire, and custodian Michael Suchar, 56, as he went to Principal Wragg's aid. They both died in the school's front yard. Spencer injured eight children and a police officer. Her shooting spree lasted six hours.

When she was asked why she had done it, Spencer answered, 'I don't like Mondays'.

Later that year, Geldof's band, The Boomtown Rats, released a song based on the murders called 'I Don't Like Mondays', which went straight to Number One. One wonders whether, given his charitable propensities, Geldof has ever donated a penny of royalties to the families of Burton Wragg and Michael Suchar.

So, this is what I suggest the good folks of Edinburgh should do if one anti-globalisation demonstrator does one penniesworth of damage to their private property - send the bill to Geldof. He can afford it.


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