A Bad Day for Britain

Poor old Blighty took something of a double-whammy today. Firstly, the degenerate scum of the anti-globalisation movement continued their rampage through Central Scotland, both at Gleneagles and in Edinburgh and Stirling. Indeed, poor wee Stirling, one of my favourite Scottish towns, suffered what can only be described as a riot in the middle of the night. According to Deputy Chief Constable David Mulhearn of Central Scotland Police,
"At approximately 0300 BST on Wednesday a group of an estimated 300 people emerged from the eco-village in Stirling intent (sic) and began causing significant disruption in the area.

"They immediately attacked business premises in a retail park close to the site of the village before splitting into smaller groups of between 40 and 60 people each and embarking on major disorder in Stirling itself and Bannockburn and violently engaging with police."
Police officers have been drafted in from all across the UK to promote order and preserve property for the duration of the anarchist infestation. Yet none of the anarchists seem to think it immoral that those who pay taxes in order to maintain the services of these officers in their own communities are being denied their services on account of their selfishly Crusty determination to wreak havoc, fight cops and have a hell of a good time in the process.
May the home of every Crusty be burgled while they're at Gleneagles. That would be justice, of the 'poetic' if not 'social' variety.
But we also got the 2012 Olympics today - or more specifically, Stratford, in the East End of London, got the Olympics.
This is the salient point of the report:
"Shares of British construction companies soared, while mortgage lenders predicted house prices in the capital would rocket. "
Yes, the Olympic Games will prove to be a taxpayer-funded piggery full of pork for the builders for seven years to come, and the burden will fall on all taxpayers regardless of whether they have any connection to London; and it will continue to fall on them once the party's over, the music's stopped and the caravan's rolled on.
And it's even doubtful whether the wages that will be paid to building workers on these projects will be benefiting the economy of the United Kingdom or the economy of Poland - one imagines that upon the heels of today's announcement, the queue for entry into the United Kingdom probably now stops in Katowice.
So we have two more costs to bear today - policing the Crusties and keeping Polish unemployment down until 2012.
I don't recognise my country any more. It's bloody loathsome.


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I hear ya, Martin.

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Do you feel sympathy for those foreigners who have not had all of the opportunities and liberties that you take for granted?

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