Talkin' Bout my Integration

Well, people try to put us down
Talkin' bout my generationJ
ust because we get around
Talkin' bout my generation
The things they do look awful cold
Talkin' bout my generation
Talkin' bout my generation
One has to admit that one’s first thoughts upon seeing the arrests of the suspects in the failed London terror attacks of July 24 did include a couple of mild pangs of sympathy.

I mean, allowing oneself to be captured alive after attempting a suicide bombing does denote a certain lack of understanding of what you’re supposed to be about.

And the sight of being captured in your underpants by a posse of Cockney infidels couldn’t have looked at all good on Al-Jazeera.

Now that they have traded the 72 virgins for the prospect of 35 years in Parkhurst Prison, the high level of subsequent arrests might also corroborate the school of thought that believes that these chaps lack the level of common resolve necessary for the ‘successful’ prosecution of the kind of attack they tried to execute.

In other words, they’re all singing like canaries, competing fiercely to see how much good they can do for themselves and how deeply they can dump their mates into the proverbial ‘trouble’.

If these guys are the best Osama’s got then they are certainly not amongst the Manchester United of terrorists, but instead down amongst its’ Stirling Albions.

And that is one of the reasons why such suicide terrorism will never break the British.

These guys had become Anglicised. Although they all seem to have originated in East Africa, their years in the relative comfort and security of the UK had made them soft. Although martyrs can access 72 virgins in the afterlife, they might not be able to access such amenities as fortnightly welfare checks, iPods, cable porn and mobile phone tariffs with great text message allowances. These flimsy appurtenances had become their reality, probably not the reality of those demented Palestinians who blow themselves up in order just to kill Jews, or the nutters who are killing Iraqis just as efficiently as Saddam Hussein ever could.

In order to commit nihilistic self-destruction, one must be willing to forgo all of these things, to so detach oneself from this life that it has no meaning. Even the most shallow thing, like a favourite TV show, can hold some pull on an individual, and the lives of all those young Muslims who say they feel no loyalty to the United Kingdom and who call it decadent will have been touched in some deep and permanent way by the culture of their country.

In some respects, they’re quite like ‘60’s rebels, happy to enjoy the benefits of the system while trashing it at the same time.

Nothing induces nausea faster than the sight of old radicals on the make. After the death of Che Guevara, Jack Straw, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, went on the Che-trail to Bolivia.

Tom Hayden, of course, became a politician on the public dime.

And Roger Daltrey, the man who sang ‘I hope I die before I get old’, appeared in a TV ad a few years ago. The product he was advertising was ‘American Express’.

The July 24 suspects are not Al-Qaedists, but instead are Al-Qaedistas, spoiled, pampered nihilists, willing to follow the beat of Osama bin Laden, Islamonihilism’s rock god, but not willing to fully give up everything they hold dear. And if they are not willing to harm themselves in its execution, then theirs is the terrorism of poseurs.

Yet hands have been dutifully wrung in the Sunday papers today about what native Brits could be doing to aid Islamic integration. In an article with the genitive-bending title of ‘I confess, I have never had a Muslim to dinner’ in today’s ‘Sunday Telegraph’, Sir Max Hastings performs one of the more ritualistic self-flagellations of recent times, berating himself for only ever having had ‘a dozen black guests at parties, and (I) have never had a Muslim to dinner in my house’.

A thousand ferulae for Hastings! He should be whipped naked through the streets for his lack of cultural sensitivity, without regard for how many blacks and Muslims he actually knows and the fact that if he holds a party in his house it is in his house!

Sir Max also came out heavily in favour of positive discrimination in the recruitment of ethnic minorities into the media, which I suppose is all right if you’re already inside the media laager. Whether or not the ‘Guardian’ will be pursuing the policy in the future perhaps remain to be seen.

However, on a programme called ‘Dateline London’ on the BBC’s ‘News 24’ digital channel, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, the cheekiest woman in Britain, went one better. Citing Hastings, she complained that talk of integration is all one way and, to paraphrase, asked what Brits are doing to integrate with Muslims.

Well, we’re not trying to blow up buses, for one thing.

Brown is a columnist for the ‘Independent’ who was permitted to enter the UK as a refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda in the early ‘70’s. She has had every benefit that the United Kingdom can bestow – haven; education; opportunity; media access; and recognition of her deeds by the Queen, in the form of being invited to become a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), an honour she subsequently returned.

Although her words and actions are very different in both fact and degree from those of the July 24 bombers, Brown is every bit the spoiled child they are, because given the opportunities she’s had in this country it’s hard to see how she could possibly have developed such a massive chip on her shoulder.

Somebody should knock it off.

She should keep talkin’ bout her integration. Let’s just hope that no more Brits die before they get old while she figures it out.


Blogger Canadi-anna said...

What countries can you go to, get all the perks and then suggest that your hosts/co-citizens adapt to your ways.

What ever happened to the expression --- when in Rome . . .
and why don't people start insisting on it in Western nations?

3:38 AM  
Blogger The g-Gnome said...


It seems that the phrase 'When in Rome..', went out with Attila the Hun...

And indeed, why don't they start insisting on it? I can't think why not.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous D Maclean said...

A cracking piece! The PC brigade have already gone into overdrive, and the simultaneous Islamic backlash makes for interesting times. Mind you, was Roger Daltry ever a rebel??

7:56 PM  
Blogger The g-Gnome said...

Thanks for the kind words.

'Was Roger Daltry ever a rebel?' -

Er...er..er..you couldn't have known that you asked this question on the website of probably the only Glaswegian who has NEVER bought a record.

I've always taken conservatism kind of seriously.

9:10 PM  

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