The Murder of Clare Bernal

On Tuesday September 13, a man walked into London's ultra-upscale Harvey Nichols department store, went to a cosmetics counter, shot an assistant and then turned the gun on himself. Both died at the scene.
It transpired that the victim was 22 year old Clare Bernal, and that her killer was a former boyfriend turned stalker named Michael Pech, 30. Pech had already pled guilty to previously harrassing Clare, and had been released on bail to appear for sentencing on September 21.
Pech was a Czech national, whom the 'Daily Telegraph' of September 15 described as 'originally from the Czech Republic but living in Tottenham'.
I suppose that almost makes him a Cockney.
The same day,'The 'Daily Express' pithily described him as a 'Czech-born maniac'.
The same day', The 'Daily Mail' recorded that,
"Detectives believe he had planned the murder meticulously, returning recently to his native Czech Republic to buy the Luger pistol he used in Tuesday's killing, which he smuggled through Dover".
The Nice Treaty of 1999 conferred upon Czech citizens an automatic right of residence in the United Kingdom, a diminution of their liberty upon which the British public were never consulted.
A diminution of liberty? Yes. If Michael Pech had not enjoyed a right of residence in this country, Clare Bernal might well still be alive. Her liberty was thus diminished. In May, a Latvian named Viktors Dembovskis was arrested back in his home country on suspicion of having murdered 17 year old London schoolgirl Jeshma Raithatha. The Nice Treaty accorded Latvians the same rights of residence as Czechs. One must be careful of what one says, as Dembovskis has been extradited from Latvia and is awaiting trial - however, at the time of his arrest, I wrote,
"Reporting on the arrest (in Latvia) of Latvian car wash attendant Viktors Dembovskis on suspicion of the rape and murder of London schoolgirl Jeshma Raithatha, ITN reported that,
"As Latvia joined the EU in May last year, extradition procedures are likely to be fast-tracked.": utterly failing to mention that Latvia's admission to the EU last year also gave Dembovskis an automatic right of residence in the UK. If Latvia had not joined the EU, then Dembovskis would have had no such right and probably wouldn't have been living here.
One hopes that Jeshma's family draws some succour from the fact his extradition is likely to be fast-tracked".
If Dembovskis is convicted, it will be proven that Jeshma's liberty was thus diminished.
The liberty of the whole British people is diminished if the police can only find out that a man who's pled guilty to disturbing offences can go back to his country, purchase a firearm, smuggle it across the borders of several countries and take it into ours, after he's murdered a young woman amidst the secure surroundings of her workplace.
Clare Bernal was a young woman who may have been murdered because of a deliberate political decision to diminish her liberty by extending her rights as a citizen to foreigners.
No British government would ever seek election on that platform; yet that is how they interpret their mandate.
Britain is dead.


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I should pay better attention to world politics -- I had no idea that member countries of the EU have the right of residence in other countries.
Bad idea.

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It sure is.

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