The Coming War With Iran - A Galtieri Moment

"This is a terrible day for Lewis Libby and his family. Given the financial cost and emotional toll these kinds of things take, we wouldn't wish this on anyone but a Democrat. "

The Washington Prowler.

There are many more people for whom today is a terrible, terrible day.
They are the people of Iran.

In the case of Lewis Libby, let justice take its course. That is our way, a thing we are familiar with, a thing which is known to our reason.

One cannot, however, imagine just what was going on in the head of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he made his mystifying decision to quote Ayatollah Khomeini and say that 'Israel must be wiped off the map'.

What was he thinking? Does he not know that a pack of wolves, having failed to make one clean kill, is circling him, looking to strike?

He is clearly quite mad with the suicidal hatred that only a lifetime's dedication to jihad can breed - but is he looking for the neos to make martyrs of all Iranians in one go?

What that stupid, stupid man has done is give them not one but two excuses to attack him. Firstly, his country's development of a sphere of influence in Iraq/interference in the affairs of Araby's New Model Republic gives them the 'security' excuse' - 'We need to do this because if we don't', etc'.

Secondly, the synchronicity of his comments with the intense problems faced by Bush at home have given rise to what can only be called a 'Galtieri Moment'.
Thank goodness for open courts. The judicial processes facing Libby, and those facing Larry Franklin, may shine some light into the workings of the most secretive and ideological powermongers since the days of Nixon, the neoconservatives, who, if one is to believe all that one reads, have operated like a junta since 9/11. And it is in the behaviour of a junta that Iran now finds itself facing a perilous historical parallel.
In early 1982, the Argentine junta of General Leopoldo Galtieri was in deep trouble, facing pro-democracy demonstrations and bread riots. Faced with crisis at home, Galtieri engaged in the populism of despair and created a diversion by invading the Falkland Islands.
For a time he was the most popular man in Argentina - until the British re-took the islands.
It remains to be seen whether George W. Bush possesses sufficient strength of character to avoid the temptation to create a diversion from Scootergate by attacking Iran - and if he doesn't, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will go to his grave knowing he gave him a perfect excuse.


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