How To Get Ahead In The Highlands

Money quotes -
"Weizynczek and his wife quit their respective jobs as philosophy and English teachers in Poland in search of a better life in Scotland....The couple found work first in a nursing home in Paisley, but when it closed down just over two months ago, they moved to Inverness, where they had been offered employment as carers at Kingsmills nursing home."
Do they have up to date police checks and relevant qualifications?
"The children started the new school year at Crown primary, where one of the teachers gives them extra language tuition twice a week to improve their English"
And I can quite imagine that taxpayers are footing the teacher's overtime bill.
"Donnie MacDonald, the head of education services for the council, thinks schools owe these new members of the Highland community the chance to integrate fully into Scottish life"
Speaking as a British citizen and taxpayer, I couldn't give a fuck what Donnie MacDonald thinks.
"Michael Fry, the author of Wild Scots, a history of the Highlands, believes it is inevitable that some members of the community will feel threatened by the rapid rise in incomers, but he believes the new population is exactly what Scotland needs. “It is creating a completely new society for the Highlands, being led by those on a commendable quest for a multicultural society within Scotland,” he says.

“Some of the older communities, the crofters and Gaels in particular, may feel threatened by the changes and ask, ‘How do we fit into all this?’ In order to avoid the old and new communities being scared of one another, both parties need to show a willingness to adapt.”
The 'crofters and Gaels' have never been consulted about these demographic changes; that area is their home; why should they have to adapt to anything?
"The Inverness job centre has hired a Polish staff member after communication problems with jobseekers "
So THAT'S how you get a government job!
"Highland fish factories have even started offering English lessons to staff, after the gaps in their vocabulary were putting them at a serious health and safety risk"
What are the Polish words for 'compensation'? 'Contributory negligence'? 'Frolic of their own'?
"Although he admits that a lot of Poles come here simply to earn money and will either move elsewhere or go back, he is here for the long haul and wants to do whatever it takes to fit into Scottish life. “We have a family. We don’t want to keep moving. I want my kids to go to more after-school activities so they can learn better English".
And I bet I'll be paying for them.
According to Highland Council's website, the population of Inverness is 50,970. Assuming that the council follows in the grand traditions of Scottish local government and doesn't update the website too often, one can make a conservative estimate that the Poles have increased town's population by 6% in one year. Assuming the Poles all get jobs, and assuming that the figures have not been fiddled, or as we might say, 'pochled', by practices such as only counting adults, this means that the council-tax payer base will have increased considerably.
This will make Highland Council wealthier; and in the cup-and-ball game of immigration economics, that's all that really matters.


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