When Thieves Fall Out

The balding Armand Assante lookalike Boris Berezovsky slams his fellow oligarch, the slippery and increasingly powerful Roman Abramovich, Saviour of the Goatherders of Chukotka.
Berezovsky, or 'Platon Elenin' as he is now known ('Russki Ripperoffski' didn't have the same ring to it) is as loathsome a son of a bitch as they come - yet we have given him asylum.
One had always thought that asylum was given to a man's person, not his money - so why is Berezovsky living high on the hog in Park Lane and on The Strand?
Why should he be exempted from the conditions endured by other asylum-seekers, and not be installed in a poorly-heated, one bedroom flat in a Sighthill tower block?
His shirtmakers in Jermyn Street would no doubt be in mourning for a while - until, of course, the next Saudi caravan rolls into town...


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