The Clyde Puffer Boats Sail Again!

Remember 'The Maggie'?
It seems that the days of the Clyde puffer boats are not quite dead yet - thanks to a generous concession from the Scottish Executive permitting the submariners of the Royal Navy who sail out of HMS Naval Base Clyde, based at Faslane, to smoke at sea.
You have to be either very brave, or a bit mental, to want to spend three months at a time in a tin tube 100 feet below the oceans - I genuinely salute the courage of those who do.
But sympathy for the dolphins should come easily to MSP's - after all, many members of the Scottish Parliament must have hankered for careers in the submarine service, if only because of the inordinate amount of time they've done for - sorry, spent trying to get into Faslane over the years.
And it really is embarrassing to see a political pygmy like Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish Parliament's very own OAF (Obligatory Australian Female) expressing any sort of opinion on how these men should live their lives, or be able to exercise power over them in any way, shape or form.
I'm quite sure that naval types like Admiral Sir Horatio fflinch-Shrapnell RN would be perfectly polite to the bold Roseanna should their paths ever cross socially - but I would love to know what the brass think of her and the rest of the current crop of parliamentary tossers they have to deal with...


Blogger The Three Gates said...

At the risk of irritating you with personal stories, I have VERY clear memories of Roseanna from my previous post. We hosted a debate on education where RC was the 'special guest'. She was shown a video which included a shot of a biometric based library system. As she left that evening, she fell on her arse on a mudbank as she tried to take a shortcut. The view of her muddied rear as she headed for the taxi is not one that will leave me soon. Two weeks later, a question was raised in parliament re the use of this 'intrusive' hardware. Coincidence? Of course. Political pygmy? You're being too kind.

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