Greed Is Good

Is this capitalism? No. It's sheer naked greed.
Our big-balled boardroom leviathans, many of whom are grey, middle-ranking careerists who have never had an original idea in their lives but who burn to 'get ahead', to 'get on', are now mulcting us and mulcting their investors by awarding themselves pay settlements which run at an average of six times the rate of inflation. This is not just reward - this is an unashamed transfer of assets, naked abuse of power for personal gain.
And all the while the rest of us are told that we must exercise wage restraint, and that increased immigration is good for the chimera called 'the economy' because it helps lower costs.
Blair should remind these bastards who holds power in this country, by nationalising one FT 100 company and cooking up charges to have its directors imprisoned for corruption - pour encourager les autres. Hell, Blair has no regard for the rule of law at the best of times - why should now be any different?


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