The Importance of Social Mobility

The theme of the anti-Mark Steyn rant this Tuesday is social mobility.
In his state of glorious isolation from all the rest of us fools and suckers, a state of mind that the Devil's Kitchen brilliantly describes as being shared by A.A. Gill, Steyn writes in today's 'Daily Telegraph', in regard to the French riots that,
"France's over-regulated sclerotic economy profoundly obstructs the social mobility of immigrants".
Very profound, or should that be tres profonde - except that Steyn doesn't seem to care less about how social mobility in his primary markets, the middle classes of the UK and USA, has been thoroughly destroyed by the interests he's cosy with - the interests of big money and big business.
Paul Craig Roberts has produced another of his must-read monthly assessments of US Bureau of Labor statistics for VDare. Entitled 'Still No Jobs: Corporations Deserting American Workers', it is one of his most sobering ever.
During October, the USA suffered 81, 301 private sector lay-offs and created 46,000 jobs. 33,000 of these were in construction.
No domestic service sector jobs were created.
The US trade deficit in advanced technology products for 2004 was a total of $36,857,000,000; for 2005, the running total as of August was 26% higher than that again.
He notes.
"The October 28 issue of Manufacturing & Technology News reports that Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Ford, Kimberly Clark, Caterpillar, Goodyear, General Motors, USG, Honeywell, Alcoa and Kodak combined exported 269,600 containers of goods in 2004. Wal- Mart alone imported 576,000 containers of goods. [Wal-Mart's Imports Soar; U.S. Exports Junk]"
He notes,
"Last year the US imported $196,682,000,000 in goods and services from China and exported a mere $34,744,100,000 to China. The American “superpower’s” trade deficit with China came to $161,938,000,000. To put this figure in perspective, America’s trade deficit with China is 28% higher than American’s total oil import bill."
He notes,
"In recent years, offshore outsourcing has caused the US trade deficit to explode. Offshore outsourcing means that the production of goods and services for the US market is shifted from America to foreign countries. This turns goods formerly produced in the US into imports. Between 1997 and 2004 the US trade deficit increased six fold. Since 1997 the cumulative US trade deficit (including $700 billion estimate for 2005) is $3.5 trillion. The outsourcing of America’s economy is a far greater threat to Americans than terrorists."
He notes,
"Yet, we hear very little doom and gloom. Economists now declare the trade deficit to be good for us. They mistakenly describe the trade deficit as a mere reflection of the beneficial workings of free trade. Economists have become mouthpieces for the corporate interests who benefit by deserting their American work force and replacing them with foreigners."
He notes,
"This process of substituting foreign workers for American workers cannot go on for too long before the US consumer market dies from lack of income and purchasing power. US policymakers have no clue. Market Watch (Nov. 4) reports that “wage growth is a chief concern of the Federal Reserve, which fears that wage pressures could imbed an inflationary psychology in the economy.” This is amazing. US wages are not keeping up with inflation. Real wages are falling, and the Federal Reserve is worried about wage pressures!"
He concludes,
"Americans are expected to buy the products without having the incomes associated with their production".
The situation which Roberts describes in the USA is identical to that in the United Kingdom. The historical tendency of British governments is to lie to, mislead and bully the people, which means that our date is vastly less satisfactory than that published in the USA - yet there is enough about to support that view.
Our universities are churning out engineering graduates who cannot find any meaningful employment apart from low-grade temporary work in high volume, high turnover environments like call-centres. Having fully ascribed to the 'immigration is good' theory of demographic management, the Scottish Executive supports foreigners trying to gain engineering posts while twenty-something Scots with directly relevant qualifications receive no such assistance. The council tax-payers of Inverness face massive bills in order to give mass- migrating Poles 'the chance to integrate fully into Scottish life' as one of our more stupid public servants described it.
Immigration is required, we are told, is necessary for the purposes of enforcing 'wage restraint'; yet wage restraint always seems to be a one-way street.
Meanwhile, those artificially 'restrained' wages are pilfered to subsidise knaves and dishonourable backstabbers. Democracy and 'representation of the people' have been transformed into the necessity of adhering to 'the local plan'. While the British government is stamping on the heads of native citizens, the streets have been turned over to Balkan pimps and the highest of high society open their wallets to take the money of Russian thieves, whose ways are not our ways.
We have no say in whether outsourcing our skills bases will continue, making us poorer while the outsourcers get richer - it's going to happen, whether we want it to or not, because Sir Digby Jones has said so.
All of these factors add up to destroy social mobility, the real glue of society. Steyn, who makes a lot of money talking stuff, should realise something real quick - if he thinks French Muslims get angry when they feel alienated because of lack of social social mobility, it's just as well for the interests he serves that when they feel alienated, middle-class white guys only get angry with each other.


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