Ireland's Brainwashed Babies

Adam Lawson has posted an article entitled ''Forum targets "racist toddlers"' from what must be the Irish edition of The Sunday Times. The serendipitously named Julia Hackett, a co-ordinator on a south Dublin childcare committee, is quite prepared to lay her cards on the table when asked to justify the teaching of propaganda to infants;
"Children from a very early age acknowledge the difference between people. We want to bring together the childcare professionals that are working on the ground to develop practical anti-bias approaches that are active, indeed activist, so that we can challenge prejudice, stereotyping and bias,”
An 'activist' approach to dealing with infants - interesting. It was apparently not unknown for my late maternal grandmother, a native Irish speaker from Achill Island, to exclaim to those who offended her, 'The curse of God on ye!'
One would, of course, never dream of saying such a thing to Ms. Hackett.


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