Jail Rosie Kane

On Monday, Rosie Kane, Scottish Socialist Member of the Scottish Parliament, was convicted of obstruction of both traffic and police at Edinburgh Sheriff Court and fined £300, after one of the SSP's more puerile stunts.
Kane burst onto our public stage with the stupid, immature and disrespectful prank she pulled while being sworn into office in 2003. She had written 'My Oath is to the People' on her right hand in marker pen for the world to see when she raised it to take one of the most solemn undertakings of allegiance and fidelity.
However, it would seem that she has really dropped herself into real trouble this time.
The BBC report linked to above concludes,
"Sheriff Noel McPartlin said he took into account the protesters' reasons for acting as they did and conducting themselves in a civilised manner.

He allowed them all three months to pay, although some of them indicated they would not pay the fines."
Tuesday's free 'Metro' newspaper carried an article on Page 6 entitled, 'Rosie: I won't pay Trident demo fine'. It reported that,
'Outside court, she added, "We won't be paying and we will do the time".
Oh yes, Rosie, if you don't pay you'll be doing time - and in a just world, one where people who rely on the rule of law to put bread on their tables have to comply with the same laws as the rest of us, you will have hopefully added three months to your eventual period of incarceration for accepting a sentence and then immediately, and publicly, defying it.
Kane might find that seven days in Cornton Vale is one thing - but seven weeks is quite another.


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