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In an article today entitled 'Police tighten up on Mr Loophole', the Daily Telegraph reports that,
"Senior officers in Greater Manchester are determined to prevent Nick Freeman, 48, achieving more embarrassing courtroom successes at their expense.

In recent years the lawyer has exploited a number of legal loopholes to win acquittals for his clients.

Mr Freeman's roll call of clients include the footballers David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, Colin Montgomerie, the golfer, and Matthew Vaughn, the film-maker husband of the supermodel Claudia Schiffer."
Nick Freeman is clearly an outstanding lawyer who knows the law on road traffic offences better than many judges, whose offence has been to show up the Traffic Division of Greater Manchester Police. He didn't put the so-called 'loopholes' into the law - that's one to lay on Parliament and the judiciary - but if his clients are willing to pay for the services of a solicitor professional enough to find them, the police have no ground of complaint. They have performed their role in the administration of justice - as an officer of the court charged with the defence of the accused, Freeman has done his. He's just better at his job than they are at theirs.
Comments by 'police sources' such as these, and sobriquets such as 'Mr. Loophole' are nothing less than an attack upon English justice. Nick Freeman seems very gracious about the police comments, saying,
"If the police get their act together it's good for everybody. If I do my job and that makes the police do theirs properly the world will be a safer place".
Dead right; and if you're ever done for speeding in Manchester, take this advice from a former solicitor - Freeman's the guy to call .


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