Representatives and Greed

Last night, ITN reported that Members of Parliament are lobbying for a pay increase of 15%.
They already earn over £59,000, more than double the national average wage. They complain that they are paid less than the House of Commons' Head of Catering, who is on £61,000; quite forgetting that that individual is doing a job at which they excel and at which they have trained for years. The same criteria applies to those other public workers against whose wages MP's compare their own favourably, such as colonels and headteachers.
Becoming an MP has nothing to do with ability - it is everything to do with ambition. If you work hard enough at following the correct career path it is not as difficult to become an MP as it is to become a colonel, a headteacher or a head caterer.
Being an MP confers many non-fiscal benefits. You become a person of influence, and are able to exercise power over how your fellow citizens live, and need never spend their own money on their projects.
They need no more financial compensation, and any more pay for them would be nothing less than a wealth transfer. Who needs money when you have power?


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