The Great Unwashed Become The Great Unpaid

In the year 2005, is it acceptable that 4,759,000 people in the United Kingdom worked any part of their day for no pay?
Or should those of us who work for others all just shut up and be grateful that we've still got jobs, bowing and tugging our forelocks as we walk backwards towards the exit marked 'Human Resources'?
If one believes in free enterprise, one must accept all its consequences. Those who assume the risk of starting their own businesses deserve praise for having the courage to do so; their activities are the cornerstone of liberal capitalism and should not be hampered by an intrusive state unless they are directly contrary to the public good.
Offshoring is an example of the kind of corporate practice on which the State should stamp, as it warps classic comparative advantage into absolute corporate advantage. Ever seen the price of an outsourced service go down? I haven't either - and if this report is to be believed, the failure of offshorers to factor relative geopolitical stability into their calculations might soon turn round and bite them on the rump.
One cannot ever recall any party saying they would deliberately destabilise the British job market, but that appears to have been the direct consequence of virtually every single employment reform since 1979. Whilst the right will always praise every development intended to reduce the cost of business, the left will always advocate increased immigration, a tendency rooted in their ideological rejection of their own nation and which has no consequences than inducing demographic change, depressing wages and changing the character of towns like Inverness and Wrexham.
Such reports as have appeared today also do not sit well with employer comments such as those I linked to last November 6, that "the Poles are terrific people and foreign workers tend to work a lot harder than the Scots". If the native Scots they employ are already working for no pay, what else will satisfy so avaricious a person as this employer clearly is?
Poles paying him for the privilege of working?


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